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New & Recommended -- Teen Fiction

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jacket/cover - click for larger view After the snow
S. D. Crockett.
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Fifteen-year-old Willo Blake, born after the 2059 snows that ushered in a new ice age, encounters outlaws, halfmen, and an abandoned girl as he journeys in search of his family, who mysteriously disappeared from the freezing mountain that was their home.
2012; 288 p.; isbn:0312641699 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Tempest rising
Tracy Deebs.
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On her seventeenth birthday, Tempest must decide whether to remain a human and live on land or submit to her mermaid half, like her mother before her, and enter into a long-running war under the sea.
2011; 344 p.; isbn:0802727964 More Information

image not found Out of my mind
Sharon M. Draper.
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Considered by many to be mentally retarded, a brilliant, impatient fifth-grader with cerebral palsy discovers a technological device that will allow her to speak for the first time.
2010; 295 p.; isbn:1451738803 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Winter town
story and art by Stephen Emond.
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Evan and Lucy, childhood best friends who grew apart after years of seeing one another only during Christmas break, begin a romance at age seventeen but his choice to mindlessly follow his father's plans for an Ivy League education rather than becoming the cartoonist he longs to be, and her more destructive choices in the wake of family problems, pull ...
2011; 315 p.; isbn:0316133329 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Bunheads : a novel
by Sophie Flack.
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Hannah Ward, nineteen, revels in the competition, intense rehearsals, and dazzling performances that come with being a member of Manhattan Ballet Company's corps de ballet, but after meeting handsome musician Jacob she begins to realize there could be more to her life.
2011; 294 p.; isbn:0316126535 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Faithful : a novel
by Janet Fox.
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In 1904, sixteen-year-old Maggie Bennet's father tears her away from their elegant Newport, Rhode Island, home on an ill-advised excursion to Yellowstone in Montana to look for her mother, who has disappeared and is presumed dead, and once there, she finds herself drawn to the son of a park geologist, and to the wild beauty of Yellowstone itself.
2010; 325 p.; isbn:0142414131 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view The hunt
Andrew Fukuda.
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Seventeen-year-old Gene has passed as a vampire for years, carefully following every rule, but now, just as he finds a girl worth fighting for, he is chosen to participate in the hunt for the last remaining humans among ruthless vampires who soon suspect his true nature.
2012; 296 p.; isbn:1250005140 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Reunited
Hilary Weisman Graham.
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Alice, Summer, and Tiernan were best friends who broke up at the same time as their favorite band, but four years later, just before they are preparing to go off to college, the girls reluctantly come back together, each with her own motives, for a road trip from Massachusetts to Austin, Texas, for the band's one-time-only reunion concert.
2012; 325 p.; isbn:144243984X More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view BZRK
Michael Grant.
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In the near future, the conjoined Armstrong twins, under the guise of the Armstrong Fancy Gifts Corporation, plot to create their own version of utopia using nanobots, while a guerilla group known as BZRK develops a DNA-based biot that can stop bots, butat risk of the host's brain.
2012; 386 p.; isbn:1606843125 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Haunting Violet
Alyxandra Harvey.
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Sixteen-year-old Violet Willoughby has been part of her mother's Spiritualist scam since she was nine, but during an 1872 house party in Hampshire, England, she is horrified to learn that she can actually see ghosts, one of whom wants Violet to solve her murder.
2011; 344 p.; isbn:080279839X More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view The Big Crunch
Pete Hautman.
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June is starting at her sixth school in four years when she meets Wes, who has just broken up with a girlfriend, and although they do not share an instant or intense connection, attraction turns to love and they wonder where it will lead.
2011; 280 p.; isbn:0545240751 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Wicked girls : a novel of the Salem witch trials
Stephanie Hemphill.
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A fictionalized account, told in verse, of the Salem witch trials, told from the perspective of three of the real young women living in Salem in 1692--Mercy Lewis, Margaret Walcott, and Ann Putnam, Jr.
2010; 408 p.; isbn:0061853283 More Information

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