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New & Recommended -- Teen Fiction

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jacket/cover - click for larger view The gathering storm
Robin Bridges.
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In St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1888, royal debutante Katerina Alexandrovna, Duchess of Oldenburg, tries to hide a dark secret--that she has the ability to raise the dead--but when she uses her special skill to protect a member of the Imperial Family, she finds herself caught in a web of intrigue.
2012; 387 p.; isbn:0385740220 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Underworld
Meg Cabot.
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John Hayden, a death deity, takes seventeen-year-old Pierce Oliviera back to the Underworld against her will to keep her safe from the Furies, but her family is still at risk and she, herself, may never escape his captivity.
2012; 322 p.; isbn:0545284112 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Wake unto me
Lisa Cach.
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When fifteen-year-old Oregonian Caitlyn Monahan earns a scholarship to an exclusive French boarding school, she hopes to escape the terrifying dreams that haunt her, but instead she encounters centuries-old mysteries at the Chateau de la Fortune, where she has a princess for a roommate and she falls in love with a seductive ghost that visits her at ...
2011; 307 p.; isbn:0142414360 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Once
by Anna Carey
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"In the second book of this dystopian adventure, Eve will come face to face with the king who has been ruthlessly hunting her--and learn shocking truth about who she really is"-- Provided by publisher
2012; 368 p.; isbn:9780062048547 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view The goddess test
Aimée Carter.
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When Henry--a mysterious boy who claims to be Hades, god of the underworld--makes a deal with Kate to help save her mother's life, Kate must pass seven tests and become Henry's immortal lover, or die trying.
2011; 293 p.; isbn:0373210264 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view The last echo
Kimberly Derting.
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Violet, a high school junior, discovers the body of a teen killed by "the girlfriend collector" and is determined to solve the case, but the serial killer is on the lookout for a new "relationship" and Violet may have caught his eye.
2012; 360 p.; isbn:0062082191 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Forgiven
Janet Fox.
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When Kula Baker leaves Montana for San Francisco, she is swept up into a world of elegance until disaster strikes and threatens all she holds dear.
2011; 11 p.; isbn:014241414X More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Spiral
[text by] Roderick Gordon ; [illustrations by] Brian Williams.
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The outer crust is under attack by the subterranean Styx who are turning ordinary humans into walking bombs and incubators for their eggs, and only Will Burrows and his band of retired commandos stand in their way--but the Styx also have problems of their own.
2012; 440 p.; isbn:0545429617 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view The summer my life began
Shannon Greenland.
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Em welcomes the chance to spend a month at her aunt's island resort where she can take a break from her family's expectations, but uncovering a family secret makes her reconsider her future.
2012; 249 p.; isbn:014241347X More Information

image not found New girl
Paige Harbison.
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Being the new girl at a private boarding school becomes even more uncomfortable when Callie learns that she has taken the spot of a popular girl who disappeared last year.
2012; 314 p.; isbn:1451734379 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Saving June
Hannah Harrington.
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After her sister's suicide, Harper Scott takes off for California with her best friend Laney to scatter her sister's ashes in the Pacific Ocean.
2011; 322 p.; isbn:0373210248 More Information

image not found Sweet evil
Wendy Higgins.
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"Sweet southern girl Anna discovers at age sixteen that she is the daughter of a guardian angel and a demon, the only one of her kind. As Anna struggles to fight the dark legacy of her father, she falls for the mysterious Kaidan Row, the ultimate bad boy. Forced to face her destiny, she must decide whether to embrace her halo or her horns"-- ...
2012; 453 p.; isbn:145175986X More Information

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