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jacket/cover - click for larger view The last man : a novel
Vince Flynn
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On the surface it appears as if top CIA agent Joe Rickman has been kidnapped, but Mitch Rapp knows enough about his colleague to believe that something else is going on, and that something could be far worse. Assigned to find his old friend, Rapp must make his way through a tangled and dangerous web that is set against the turbulent backdrop of war-torn ...
2012; ; isbn:9781442355453 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Battleground
W. E. B. Griffin
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Daredevil pilot Charles Galloway Stecker leads his infantry battalion into the thickest of the fighting, at a terrible price. And Navy Captain Pickering grabs a helmet and a rifle to join the ranks at Guadalcanal
; isbn:9781455850464 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Radicals : portraits of a destructive passion
by David Horowitz
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Radical liberals want to make America a better place, but their utopian social engineering leads, ironically, to greater human suffering. From Karl Marx to Barack Obama, Horowitz shows how the idealistic impulse to make the world a better place gives birth to the twin cultural pathologies of cynicism and nihilism and is the chief source of human suffering. ...
2012; ; isbn:9781470827731 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Fifty shades darker
by E.L. James
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Daunted by the singular sexual tastes and dark secrets of the beautiful, tormented young entrepreneur Christian Grey, Anastasia Steele has broken off their relationship to start a new career with a Seattle publishing house
2012; ; isbn:9780385360081 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Sleep no more : an Eve Duncan novel
Iris Johansen
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Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan knows what it's like to be haunted by the past. But now, she can't shake the feeling that there is someone close to her who needs her more than ever. When her mother, Sandra, asks for help in finding a missing woman named Beth Avery, Eve senses there is more to Sandra's story than she's saying. Beth has disappeared from ...
2012; ; isbn:1441886362 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Brink of chaos : a Joshua Jordan novel
Tim LaHaye and Craig Parshall
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Joshua Jordan continues to hide in Israel in an effort to escape from the false accusations of treason that have been made against him. Now the country is recovering following a military invasion by Russia while implementing a plan for the future, a plan based on Ezekiel's prophecies. But Joshua keeps having the ominous visions over and over. Could ...
2012; ; isbn:9780310326472 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Bring up the bodies : [a novel]
Hilary Mantel
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"Though he battled for seven years to marry her, Henry is disenchanted with Anne Boleyn. She has failed to give him a son and her sharp intelligence and audacious will alienate his old friends and the noble families of England. When the discarded Katherine dies in exile from the court, Anne stands starkly exposed, the focus of gossip and malice. ...
2012; ; isbn:9781427225825 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view A gift of hope : helping the homeless
Danielle Steel
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Since the devastating loss of her son, Danielle Steel has been dedicated to helping the homeless of San Francisco - taking to the streets herself with a small team of friends to directly provide much needed resources, from food and clothing to bedding and toiletries. Now, the notoriously private author is offering a gift far more enduring - that of ...
2012; ; isbn:9781469221366 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Summer breeze : [a novel]
Nancy Thayer
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The wonderfully moving story of three women who forge a unique bond one sun-drenched summer on New England's Dragonfly Lake
2012; ; isbn:9780307939579 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Back to blood : a novel
Tom Wolfe
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A big, panoramic story of the new America, as told by our master chronicler of the way we live now. As a police launch speeds across Miami's Biscayne Bay-with officer Nestor Camacho on board-Tom Wolfe is off and running. Into the feverous landscape of the city, he introduces the Cuban mayor, the black police chief, a wanna-go-muckraking young journalist ...
2012; ; isbn:9781600244681 More Information

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