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jacket/cover - click for larger view A week in winter
Maeve Binchy
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Stoneyville is a small town on the coast of Ireland where all the families know each other. When Chicky decides to take an old decaying mansion, Stone House, and turn it into a restful place for a holiday by the sea, the town thinks she is crazy. She is helped by Rigger (a bad boy turned good who is handy around the place) and her niece Orla (a whiz ...
2013; ; isbn:9780307713667 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Quiet : [the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking]
Susan Cain
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"At least one-third of the people we know are introverts. They are the ones who prefer listening to speaking, reading to partying; who innovate and create but dislike self-promotion; who favor working on their own over brainstorming in teams. Although they are often labeled "quiet," it is to introverts that we owe many of the great ...
2012; ; isbn:9781415959121 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view The last runaway
Tracy Chevalier
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Forced to leave England and struggling with illness in the wake of a family tragedy, Quaker Honor Bright is forced to rely on strangers in the harsh landscape of 1850 Ohio and is compelled to join the Underground Railroad network to help runaway slaves escape to freedom
2013; ; isbn:9781611761412 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view The power trip
Jackie Collins
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In The Power Trip you will meet Aleksandr Kasianenko, a billionaire Russian oligarch, as he sets sail on The Bianca. You'll meet his sexy supermodel girlfriend, whom The Bianca is named after, and five dynamic, powerful, and famous couples invited on the yacht's maiden voyage: Hammond Patterson, a driven Senator, and his lovely but unhappy wife, Sierra; ...
; isbn:9781427229267 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view 1356 : [a novel]
Bernard Cornwell
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On September 19, 1356, a severly outnumbered English army faced off against the French at the Battle of Poitiers. But what seemed like certain defeat became instead the most decisive English victory of the Hundred Years' War
2013; ; isbn:9780062237644 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view False pretenses
Catherine Coulter
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Elizabeth Carleton was a beautiful and dazzling concert pianist who seemed to have it all. But when her fabulously wealthy husband is murdered, Elizabeth stands accused, and not even a surprise acquittal in a cliffhanger trial can quiet the whisper of her guilt. Now three attractive men appear out of her past, offering to help and protect her. But whom ...
2012; ; isbn:9781469269122 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view The world until yesterday : what can we learn from traditional societies?
Jared Diamond
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Drawing extensively from his field work in the Pacific Islands and with other people groups, Jared Diamond gives a firsthand picture of the human past as it had been for millions of years, a past that has mostly vanished, and what the differences between that past and our present modern society mean for our lives today
2012; ; isbn:9781611761474 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view The round house : a novel
Louise Erdrich
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When his mother, a tribal enrollment specialist living on a reservation in North Dakota, slips into an abyss of depression after being brutally attacked, 14-year-old Joe Coutz sets out with his three friends to find the person that destroyed his family
2012; ; isbn:9780062273857 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Touch & go : a novel
Lisa Gardner
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Justin and Libby Denbe have the kind of life you'd find in the pages of a glossy magazine. A beautiful fifteen-year-old daughter. A gorgeous brownstone on a tree-lined street in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood. A great marriage, admired by all. A perfect life. When investigator Tessa Leone arrives at the crime scene in the foyer of the Denbes' home, ...
; isbn:9781455847242 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Kinsey and me : stories
Sue Grafton
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Kinsey and Me has two parts: The nine Kinsey stories (1986-93), each a gem of detection; and the And Me stories, written in the decade after Grafton's mother died. Together, they show just how much of Kinsey is a distillation of her creator's past even as they reveal a child who, free of parental interventions, read everything and roamed everywhere. ...
2013; ; isbn:9781611761573 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Guilt
by Jonathan Kellerman
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A series of horrifying events occur in quick succession in the same upscale L.A. neighborhood. A backyard renovation unearths an infant's body, buried sixty years ago. And soon thereafter in a nearby park, another disturbingly bizarre discovery is made not far from the body of a young woman shot in the head. Helping LAPD homicide detective Milo Sturgis ...
2013; ; isbn:0739369164 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Robert B. Parker's Ironhorse
Robert Knott
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"Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch, newly appointed as Territorial Marshals, find themselves traveling by train through Indian Territories. Their first marshaling duty starts as a simple prisoner escort mission, but becomes complicated when the Texas Governor and his family board the train--along with $500,000. The men have to watch for and contend ...
2013; ; isbn:9780307989338 More Information

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