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New & Recommended -- Mystery

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jacket/cover - click for larger view The Devereaux legacy
by Carolyn Hart.
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2013; 157 p.; isbn:1616147040 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view The gray ghost murders : a novel
Keith McCafferty.
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2013; 306 p.; isbn:0670025690 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Classic in the clouds : a case for Jack Colby, car detective
Amy Myers.
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Jack Colby lends a hand in tracking down a car that took part in the Peking to Paris rally of 1907 as part of a charity recreation of the historic rally in Kent, but the investigation becomes dangerous when criminals join the search for the car.
2012; 214 p.; isbn:0727882236 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view The missing Italian girl
Barbara Corrado Pope.
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Investigating the disappearances of young immigrant girls in late nineteenth century Paris, magistrate Bernard Martin and his teacher wife, Clarie, embark on a perilous rescue mission that pits them against a vicious predator.
2013; 314 p.; isbn:1605984086 More Information

image not found Kinsmen : a "Nameless Detective" novella
Bill Pronzini
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"Allison Shay was traveling home from the University of Oregon with her new boyfriend, Rob Compton, when their car broke down near the tiny rural town of Creekside, California. Soon after, Allison and Rob went missing without a trace. Whatever happened, it felt like something bad to the Nameless Detective. Five days without a whisper of contact ...
1993; 185 p.; isbn:9781587672668 More Information

image not found Cold feet : a Stella Lavender mystery
Karen Pullen
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Stella Lavender, an SBI undercover narcotics agent, really wants to work homicide. Her boss should listen because she has both the smarts and the nerves. Attending an elegant outdoor wedding where the a bride is murdered just before her wedding, Stella is asked by the local sheriff for assistance. She's energized by the opportunity to prove herself. ...
2013; 291 p.; isbn:9781432826376 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view One through the heart
Kirk Russell.
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When a skeleton is uncovered that reactivates a homicide cold case, Ben Raveneau's painful memories of Ann Coryell's death a decade ago resurface, and he investigates the skeleton to see if there is a link to the two cases.
2012; 252 p.; isbn:0727882406 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view A walk with the dead : a Monica Paniatowski mystery
Sally Spencer.
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DCI Monica Paniatowski becomes emotionally invested in finding the murderer of a wedding guest who was killed just hours after the investigator saw her alive.
2012; 218 p.; isbn:0727882422 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Bad blood
Dana Stabenow.
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"New York Times bestselling author Dana Stabenow's latest finds Kate Shugak entangled in a bitter tribal rivalry and murder One hundred years of bad blood between the villages of Kushtaka and Kuskulana come to a boil when the body of a young Kushtaka ne'er-do-well is found wedged in a fish wheel. Sergeant Jim Chopin's prime suspect is a Kuskulana ...
2013; 276 p.; isbn:0312550650 More Information

jacket/cover - click for larger view Death on a pale horse : Sherlock Holmes on Her Majesty's secret service
Donald Thomas
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Sherlock Holmes and his biographer Dr. Watson go up against their toughest adversary yet when Colonel Hunter Moran, a disgraced English officer, cuts a swath of destruction across the world
2012; 346 p.; isbn:9781605983943 More Information

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