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Car Repair

  • Haynes Repair Manuals
    Browse Haynes' free video podcasts for quick car maintenance tutorials on how to replace a spark plug or change transmission fluid. These are also available as an RSS feed.
  • 2CarPros.com
    Research problems by vehicle make or by symptom. Find diagnostic trouble codes translations here, too.
  • AutoMedia.com
    Search for articles about how to diagnose car problems and possibly fix them.
  • The Family Car Web Magazine
    Information about how to buy a car, how a car works and what to do when something goes wrong.
  • Be Car Aware
    The Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association offers general advice about how to maintain a car and even how to prepare it for summer or winter driving.
  • Car Talk: Actual Car Info
    An entertaining guide on how to care for your car.
  • eHow Car Maintenance
    Browse hundreds of car care ideas, from methods for topping off windshield washer fluid to how to change your front brakes.