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Web Fun

Fun & Games

  • Chess is Fun - learn to play chess. 
  • Club Penguin - & more
  • Barbie Fashion Fever - help Barbie and friends try on clothes.
  • Cyberkids - arcade games, brain teasers.
  • Prongo - games, brain teasers, jokes, 
  • FunBrain - from the Learning Network; play games and learn at the same time.
  • Funology - lots of things to do; games, crafts, brain teasers, magic tricks, more
  • Learning Fun- games and activities arranged by grade.
  • KidsCom.com - a fun electronic playground.
  • Color with Leo - cool games and activities all about art.
  • Dav Pilkey's Web Site 'O Fun - "This website contains scenes and material which may be considered too silly for grown-ups, small animals and many varieties of houseplants."
  • Whiz Kids - Developmental Games for Children with Autism Spectrum



  • AZ Kids Net Jokes - knock-knocks, elephant jokes, Mudder Goose and lots of silliness; interactive. 
  • Dinosaur Jokes - why did the dinosaur cross the road and other sillysaurus jokes.
  • Owl Kids Joke Zone - from the kids magazine OWL.
  • Scatty.com - knock-knocks A-Z, oddball animal jokes and thousands more in many different categories.
  • Surfing the Net with Kids Jokes - hamster jokes, baseball jokes, cow jokes; the jokes keep comin' with Barbara Feldman's superb site.
  • Kidspot - catch today's joke and send in one of your own.