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Join us

The Teen Council of the Danbury Library meets the first Monday of each month in the LTC Conference Room. Although a minimum number of volunteer hours is not required, commitment and follow-up is expected when a volunteer agrees to participate.  Also, active members receive preference on volunteer activities.

Volunteers begin in 6th grade or older and submit a signed application before actively volunteering.  The Application requires three (3) references, and I have created a form that you can print and give to three adults (parents of friends, friends of your parents, neighbors, etc.)  The reference may be faxed, emailed or simply call me.  The Health Form must be completed by your health care provider before you begin volunteering.  Although it is not necessary that a parent or guardian give permission to have your picture taken, it is necessary that they complete the Picture Permission form.  When all forms are returned, you will be added to the list of active teen volunteers.  You may download the forms linked above you pick up copies on the 2nd floor Junior Library.

Teens assist the Junior Librarians with programs by running games or putting on plays, and teen volunteers perform a major role in the Summer Reading Program. Teens also advise the Teen Librarian with book and music purchases and help with office work and teen program planning. Teens do make it happen at the Danbury Library.

Currently, teens are planning for the summer reading program. If you are interested in joining, please call 203-797-4528.

For more information and to find out how you can get involved, contact the Teen Librarian, Dymphna Harrigan, at 203-797-4528 or by e-mail.