4/18/2017 - All Things Arctic

Danbury Library welcomes renowned Arctic expert and 14th woman to reach the North Pole for a series of STEM programs geared towards children and adults during the month of April.

Exploring the North Pole & Animals of the Arctic with Moki Kokoris

April 11th


Story Corner

Explore the North Pole and Animals of the Arctic with renowned polar expert, Moki Kokoris, with this interactive and hands-on presentation that will introduce the Arctic region to young students.

The presentation will focus mainly on distinctive Arctic wildlife, their behavior and habitats. Animals discussed will include the polar bear, musk ox, Beluga whale, narwhal, Arctic wolf, Arctic fox, reindeer, seals, Arctic Tern and other birds as well as truly unique insects.

Time-permitting, students may also learn about Arctic indigenous people and their lifestyles (example: how the Inuit construct and live in igloos). Children will have the opportunity to view and touch many unique and rare artifacts on display. Students are invited to ask questions during the talk.

FREE! Ages 10+

STEM Workshop: Be a Polar Scientist with Explorer in Residence, Moki Kokoris

April 12th

4:00 - 5:30pm

Story Corner

Learn what it takes to become a Polar Scientist here at the Danbury Library! Featuring polar science and atmospheric phenomena such as auroras, sun dogs, diamond dust and fata morgana mirages. Also explored will be varieties of polar research i.e. ice cores, dynamics of sea ice, permafrost and lake methane.

Time-permitting, additional topics will investigate polar weather, geology, physical comparisons of the Arctic to Antarctica, personal accounts of Arctic expeditions and conditions at Borneo Ice Base, the concept of time zones as well as the difference between the Geographic North Pole and the Magnetic North Pole. Questions from students are welcome.

FREE! Ages 11+

All Things Arctic: Don’t Imagine it - Feel, Touch, Experience!

April 18th

5:30 - 7:00pm

Farioly Program Room

Accompanied by extraordinary imagery, video footage and authentic hands-on artifacts and items from the Far North, this presentation will offer a comprehensive overview of “All Things Arctic" with renowned polar expert and Explorer -in- Residence, Moki Kokoris.

This interactive lecture will cover a wide range of topics including atmospheric phenomena such as the northern lights and ice halos, unique properties of sea ice, as well as amazing facts about the region's distinctive flora and fauna.

Also introduced will be the many different indigenous cultures of the Circumpolar North, their territories, nomadic and subsistence lifestyles, dwellings and native clothing. The impacts of climate and societal change on communities and animals in the Arctic will also be examined. Questions from the audience throughout the presentation are enthusiastically encouraged!

Earth Day with a Polar Twist with Explorer-in-Residence, Moki Kokoris

April 22nd

12:00 - 4:00pm

Library Main Floor

Come learn about the Arctic in transition and meet the 14th woman to reach the North Pole, Moki Kokoris, Danbury Library's Explorer -in- Residence. FREE! All Ages!