5/6/2017 - Climate Change and Hope

Climate Change and Hope: Author talk with Jack Kozuchowski

May 6th

10:30am - 12:00pm

Farioly Program Room

Jack Kozuchowski was employed as Danbury’s Environmental Director from 1979-2006. He has devoted his retirement years to educating the public on the multidimensional aspects of climate change.

Jack describes his book, “Climate Futures: Time Travels to Alternative Outcomes,” as “Science Faction” which uses an adventure story to convey science to the reader. The story involves the time travels of the main character to seven different futures. The consequence of the future behind each door depends upon what we do - or do not do - to address this challenge on our planet. It is also an open minded, non-political work that is intended to make readers consider what might be coming our way. Books will be available for sale and for signing at the event.

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