5/6/2012 - Heart Disease
May 6, 2012

2:00 - 3:00 PM

Library Technology Center Conference Room

 You've got heart disease and it may be difficult implementing the lifestyle changes that have been recommended for you. Learn from Dina Markind, certified coach and nurse, how to overcome obstacles by designing and committing to a personalized plan with SMART goals which will get you closer to the full life you envision.

Presented by: Dina Markind, principal coach for Heart of Well Being. She has brings over 20 years of nursing experience, coaching skills, my compassion and rigor to support people in attaining a healthier fuller life. Visit www.heartofwellbeing.com for more information about Ms. Markind.

The program is free. REGISTRATION REQUIRED online at danburylibrary.org or by calling 203-797-4527.