11/30/2013 - The Snowmaiden

A Marionette Show with Live Music

Saturday, November 30,  - 2 - 3:00PM - Farioly Program Room

Bring the family for this wonderful puppet show, grab a bite to eat and then attend the annual lighting of the trees on the library’s plaza at 5 p.m.! The Snowmaiden is based on a famous Russian folk tale, and through puppetry, the tale truly comes alive. The Snowmaiden, touched by magical stardust, is from another dimension. She thrives in the winter and learns many things from the village children. When the sun melts the snow, her feet begin to hurt. She wanders into the deep woods where the snow still lingers and meets many animals who help her return home. Songs and dances follow the production.


Registration is required online at danburylibrary.org or call 203-797-4528.