2/12/2014 - Migration

by Hobey Ford’s Rod Puppets

Wednesday, February 12,  4:00 - 4:50 p.m. -  StoryCorner -  For kids ages 4 ½ to 11

Join Beatriz, whose name means “traveler”, as she witnesses wild animals and insects that: Monarch butterflies, polar bears, the Godwit bird and a giant sperm whale, even as her own family is experiencing a migration journey. Hobey Ford performs with his original and unique “foam” handmade and original video scenery.

Hobey Ford is internationally renowned in the puppetry field, an award-winning performer and Kennedy Center Partner in Education teaching artist. Mr. Ford first created the in Golden Rod Puppets in 1980 and often adapts folk tales and global cultural traditions for his performances, always, adding a "Golden Rod" twist.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Register online at danburylibrary.org, click on “Events,” stop by the Service Desk or call 203-797-4528.