4/13/2014 - American Girl Club
Girls ages 9-12 are invited to join us for 3 fun and educational American Girl Mystery book discussions and crafts.
The first book is a Felicity Mystery and takes place in the 1770s, while the second two are Samantha mysteries and take place in the early 1900s.

FEBRUARY 23 - Lady Margaret's Ghost
Felicity has just said good-bye to her mother, who's going on a trip and leaving Felicity in charge of the house. Mother's carriage has barely left before a surprise package arrives, holding silver heirlooms that have been passed down in the Merriman family for a hundred years. Felicity doesn't believe in ghosts . . . but what else can explain the odd and eerie things that begin to happen once the heirlooms arrive?

MARCH 23 - The Stolen Sapphire
Samantha and Nellie set sail for Europe in 1906. Also aboard the ship is a world-famous archaeologist and the legendary sapphire he is carrying to a London museum. When his priceless jewel disappears, Samantha realizes that every one of the first-class passengers is a suspect--and one of them must be the thief!

APRIL 13 - The Cry of the Loon
Samantha can't wait to take Nellie to Piney Point, Grandmary's summer home in the mountains. Samantha is sure that Nellie will love the lodge as much as she does. But the girls arrive to find Piney Point plagued with accidents--and Grandmary thinking of selling. Samantha and Nellie have to figure out what's going on before they lose Piney Point forever!

Location: Story Corner
Time: 3:00 - 4:00 PM

A free book will be given to the first 20 registrants when they agree to read the book and attend the discussion. In addition, girls will do a colonial based craft, and enjoy a colonial treat.
Please register at the Junior Desk on the second floor or by calling 203-797-4528. If you qualify for a free book we will hold it for 5 days for you to pick up.