7/12/2014 - CT Ancestry Society
Farioly Program RoomHave you been having a great time exploring your heritage? Come and share! Perhaps you’re stuck and you need some leads about where to look next. Come and ask! Are you new to genealogy and would like to learn? Come and listen!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Roundtable: 10:00am - Noon
Annual Meeting: Noon - 2:00pm

THE MISSION of Connecticut Ancestry Society is to promote genealogical scholarship, preserve source material and exchange family histories.

Connecticut Ancestry Society members are responsible, ethical genealogists and family historians who share a special interest in southwestern Connecticut and its neighborhood, either by living there, or by having ancestry there, or both; who pursue genealogical scholarship through networking, educational programs, and publication of reference materials and research results; and who extend full cooperation to other genealogical organizations, record repositories, and public record custodians

The program is offered by the Connecticut Ancestry Society, Inc. in conjunction with the Danbury Library. For more information contact John O'Donnell (203) 797-4527 or the Society (203) 362-2232.