7/19/2014 - Homeschooling

Is it right for your family?

Saturday, July 19

10:30 – 11:30 a.m

Farioly Program Room

The decision to homeschool can be daunting. Parents ask themselves whether it’s legal; they worry that they will somehow limit their student’s opportunities in the future. This free workshop will address the essential questions parents must consider when making the decision to homeschool and will provide useful information for making an educational plan.


Specic topics it will address:

Is it legal?

Am I qualified?

What about testing?

Where to start?

What about curriculum resources, including free ones from the library?

Using projects and games to develop a love of learning and intellectual curiosity.

What about socialization? Getting connected and making friends.

Common mistakes new homeschoolers make.

Diane Speed has been a home educator for more than fourteen years. She has tutored two children from pre-school through high school using an academic, collegeprep program she designed both to meet high academic standards and address her children’s individual learning needs.

In addition to tutoring her children, Diane has managed the Classical Kids Network, a homeschool support group servicing more than 200 families in CT and surrounding states. In 2001 she founded the group and in 2007 launched classicalkids.net  to service the group. Diane recently launched hscollegebound.com, a site that provides free resources to parents homeschooling all the way through highschool. HS College-Bound also offers online courses for homeschooled teens and workshops for parents.